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To: Concord Travels Team
Country: India
Sent: 08/Oct/2013

Hi Amit,

First of all I want to thank you for the extensive support offered by you for the preparation for the Trip and your proactive approach to plan.

Special thanks to Pallava who was always ready for the support and incorporating any last minute change.

It was a great trip and the effort of Pallava and Nikhil was recognised by the senior team members as well.

As a token of appreciation I have already recommended your name to another team who is planning for a trip from Vodafone.

Harish: I want to congratulate you for having such a great team.



To: Concord Travels Team
Country: Russia
Sent: 20/Mar/2013

Anatoly Keyer

To: Concord Travels Team
Sent: 12/Nov/2012
Letters of Appreciation by Concord Travels 's Guest

From:Bob and Sheila Gan

India and Bhutan trip November 2012

Dear JD, Raj, Monika and Mr. Mathur,

We keep saying and writing thank yous to you but I think it is appropriate. There is a lot to thank you for.

JD, you have an over abundance of patience. All those pre-trip emails I sent you with possible changes or new ideas were handled graciously. I never felt I couldn't ask "just one more question." Your choice of hotels was wonderful. Most were far more than we had expected and all were beautiful, clean, served good food and staff were always helpful..MY favorite was Fatehgarh above Udaipur. Don't ever put anyone down by the lake. You can always take a walk around the lake but you can't always see the full moon over it turning it white at night. My favorite in Bhutan was the Taj Tashi. What a great meal we had and their cultural program was beautiful.

I should thank Druk Airline too for changing their dates to fly in and out of Delhi so that we did the Bhutan section at the end of the trip. Bucolic Bhutan was a perfect respite from the horns and hordes and excitement of India. It allowed us to slow down after a very packed itinerary. We appreciated the occasional calls, although unnecessary, from Monica and Mr. Mathur. Knowing that the company cared was a special feeling.

And then Raj, what a wonderful choice of guide for our special trip to India. He showed us the whole culture, not just the pretty pictures in coffee table books. He also helped us through every lunch and most dinners with ordering so that Helen would get here dose of spice and the rest of us would get good food that wasn't too peppery for us. His knowledge was boundless and he was eager to share. He made the long drives between some cities pleasant learning experiences.

What more is there to say. We had the best of both worlds, Raj with us in India, JD with us in Bhutan and Concord Travels and Tours with us daily. We would be happy to be used as a reference for your company.

All the best to you in the year to come..

Bob and Sheila Gan

Bob and Sheila Gan

To: Concord Travels Team
Sent: 11/Dec/2011
Romnian Guests

To: Concord Travels Team
Sent: 05/Oct/2011

Marina del Rey

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