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Concord Travels and Tours is committed to being environmental caretakers and seek to attain high standards of minimum impact tourism.

At Concord, every client is made aware of the pledge to allow an open audit system by the client displaying sincerity towards this cause. The pledge below reflects a travel ethic which the conscientious traveler joins for long term sustainability. All concord tours follow a strict Eco-code that involves everyone, starting from the office, to our clients, the adventure staff on field and the local community.


  • Limit Deforestation: We will not create open fires and discourage others from doing so. Where water can only be heated by scarce firewood, we will try not to use it so that villagers may utilize it for their livelihood. Wherever possible, we will choose accommodation that uses kerosene or fuel-efficient fire-wood stoves.
  • Plant Saplings: We will take saplings and encourage our tourists to help plant them near our campsites or off the trails.
  • Non-biodegradable Garbage: We will leave campsites clean and take back all non biodegradable litter to the road head/ towns for proper disposal. We will only bury biodegradable food waste.
  • Keep Local Water Clean: Toilet facilities will be pitched at least 30 meters away from the water source and all waste will be covered properly. We will not allow detergents to be used in streams and springs.
  • Plants left in their Natural Environment: We will not take away cuttings, seeds and roots that are illegal in many parts of the Himalayas.
  • Respect Local Cultures: We will promote the appreciation and preservation of religious places and local villages by never allowing clients to buy religious objects or heirlooms from remote villages.
  • Alternate Source of Energy for Fuel: Where possible, we will convert to solar power such as solar lanterns, solar cookers etc.
  • Stationery & Other Publicity material on Recycled Paper: We will introduce/increase the use of recycled/handmade paper for our stationer and other publicity items such as brochures, etc.

We diligently bring back all non-biodegradable garbage in specially designed garbage kit bags. We use solar equipment where possible. We invite you to be partners in this endeavor - to tread lightly and be good Eco tourists.